Bite It!

by kathyjeanwelsh

I think we can all pretty much agree that rolling around a Whole Foods Market during an especially good sample day is pretty fantastic.  It’s a great – and delicious! – way to learn about and try new products before you commit to the purchase.  Love it!

Friend and I popped in to the Whole Foods in Capitol Hill on Sunday afternoon and the first thing I saw was… Sebastian’s Sample Kingdom!

A kingdom of fresh fruit and a cute boy??  Sign me up!  Sebastian was sampling out Colorado-grown cantaloupe, peaches, white peaches…

… and… *drum roll*… Pluots!  Plu otta what?  Huh?

I’d never heard of a Pluot… have you??  Apparently it’s a hybrid of a plum and an apricot.  Who knew?!  I can verify that it is absolutely DELICIOUS!  The texture is all plum, and the taste is all apricot… kind of weird!  But in an awesome-weird sort of way.

My advice to you is, when there are samples of fruit at your fingertips, EAT!  Eat it all!  Plu-otta do it!  *sorry, had to…!

Happy Hump Day, people!  Hope it’s juicy and delicious!

Cheers, dears!