Happy New Year!

by kerryabdow

For the last month I have been trying to figure out the perfect time to do a two-day juice fast (or “juice feast” as the raw foodists say) to get me back on the healthy eating track.  Just a quickie, something to push my reset button and give my digestion a break.  And…

… TODAY is the day!

Fasting isn’t always easy for me.  I kind of have to be in the right frame of mind and in the right environment because it can be challenging, especially with Hungry Husband in the house.  I got today in my brain because it’s the beginning of June AND it’s the beginning of the week.  Happy New Ye… Week!  It’s time!

Doing juice for two days requires a LOT of produce.  A LOT.  So friend and I went to Sunflower Market last night and I stocked up.  Sunflower has great prices, but the produce doesn’t always keep for more than a day or two, so… perfect!  Cheaper than Whole Foods with a decent supply of organics?  Bring it on!  If you have read this blog before you know I make green juice, and this time I bought carrots, celery, chard, red beets, green apples, lemon and ginger.  YUM!

I brought everything home and, after I had dinner and watched “The Killing” (it’s getting SO good!!), I got myself in the kitchen and started prepping for the Monday juice extravaganza.

I chopped everything and put them in separate ziplocs for easy access!

And in the morning… I started a-juicin’!

I ended up with about a quart of juice, enough for breakfast and lunch.  And snacks.  !!  I work in an office and it’s a constant fight to keep the munchies – and the snack pushers! – away, so I figured better safe than sorry.

Isn’t it the most amazing color?!  Wouldn’t it make a fab lipstick color??!!  “Green Juice” by Mac… Lady Gaga would rock that!

I also bought some veggie broth, in case I want something savory…

… and, of course, I’ll drink lots and lots of purified water.

Off to the races!  Cheers!  After these two days I plan on “clean” eating for a while – no dairy or gluten.  I am already planning on making a big yummy batch of quinoa for dinner Wednesday night!  If it turns out as delicious as I intend, I’ll do a quick post with the recipe.  Until then…

Cheers, dears!