Atsa Lotsa Pizza Pie!

by kerryabdow

I’ve been lusting after the little pizza kits at Whole Foods for a while now… have you seen them?  It’s all about components – raw dough ball in one container, sauce in another, and then different kits (think “Lunchables”) that house different cheeses and ingredients for different types of pizzas.  Cute! Well, I’ve never been one to follow the rules, so I don’t need components… but I need that dough!  So I bought the multi-grain version and got myself together for Monday Night Farmers Market Pizza!

I’m not going to BS you… rolling out the dough is kind of a pain!  I was jusssst about ready to throw it against the wall and call a pizza place!

But, after a call to my friend, Ann, who has worked with this dough before, I got it rockin’.  Let me give you one piece of advice – use a rolling pin!  The spin-the-dough trick is for professionals only!

I wanted to make two different pizzas – a white one with my amazing Hazel Dell mushrooms, and one with sauce and fresh asparagus.

SO… Pizza One!  I brushed olive oil on the crust, covered it with crushed garlic, and then broke out my mixed bag of ‘shrooms…

… and popped on three different cheeses, including shredded mozzarella…

… shaved parmesan…

… and chevre!

I sprinkled on some Italian seasoning, and… look how beautiful!

We watched this pizza carefully…

… and when it was done…

… beautiful!  And fragrant and…

… DELICIOUS!  The crust was a liiiiiittle undercooked, so next time I will put it on a lower rack, but it tasted amazing!  So then it was time for the second pizza experiment – with red sauce, asparagus , fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.

I learned my lesson with the mushroom ‘za, so this pizza was cooked pretty perfectly…

… and it was yummy!

In retrospect, I would have added garlic or sauteed the asparagus first because it needed a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit more flavor, but that didn’t stop us from totally enjoying and devouring!

All in all, I would consider the pizza night experiment to be a HUGE success! The dough cost me about $2, and the ingredients about $12, so… pretty cheap, uber-delicious dinner!  This whole farmers market thing is really working for me…!!

It’s finally sunny outside again, so time to make the doughnuts walk the dogs!

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Happy Tuesday and cheers, dears!