Oh Mother!

by kerryabdow

It’s six days to Mother’s Day, people!  Do you know what you’ll be doing to show your love for the lady (or ladies) in your life??

Or how about what you’ll be doing for your own fabulous mother self??

Welllllllllllll, have I got a faaaaaantastic idea for you!  My good friend and owner of PhytoFoods, Taryn Bellavance, has an AMAZING deal for Blooming Health moms – HALF PRICE on one of her virtual classes during the month of May!  Choose from “Plant-Based Cooking Made Simple”, an interactive four-week cooking class, or “Weekly Meal Planning” with shopping tips and recipes.  Make this Mother’s Day the healthiest, most heart-friendly (and budget-friendly) ever!

Classes start May 10th AND the half-price offer ends May 13th, so… wrap it up!

To get your Blooming Health Mom’s Day discount, visit www.phytofoods.com and use the discount code 2MOM when checking out.  FUN, right?!  Love it!

And what better place to find ingredients for your healthy fare than the farmers markets!  We continued our explorations on Saturday, at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market, which is down by Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Of course.

We got there early, around 8:30, and it was already fairly busy.  It’s not nearly as big as Boulder’s market, but it’s still pretty great and the vendors are just as wonderful.

I’m obsessed with good goat cheese, so I stopped at Stone Creek Farmstead‘s table and tried an amaaaaazing goat brie… five yums!!  I bought some of that and a super-tasty truffle chevre.  Uh huh.  Total Oh Emm Gee.

And look at the cute couple who owns Stone Creek – they moved to Colorado from Portland, Oregon.

I’m dying to go to their farm to see how they make cheese and also because they have two new baby goats named Heidi and Liesl!  *cue “aaaaawwwwwwww!”*

Next we found pickles.  Artisan pickles.  Artisan spicy jalapeno pickles!  YES!

And then we found our favorite Hazel Dell mushrooms, and I scored a half pound mixed bag for just $8!

Check out the oyster… edible art!

We also ran into nuclear families…

… and adorable puppies being pulled around in a little covered wagon!  This sweetie loved her belly rubs…

Husband and our friend, Jerry, talked it up with one of my other fave goat cheese vendors…

… and Jerry snatched up a couple of basil plants for his garden at home.  *Doesn’t he look so happy??!!*

We bought avocados and tamales and cauliflower and mangos and this gorgeous fresh asparagus…

… and then called it a day!  Short and sweet, baby!  It was kind of fantastic being done with everything and home with our goods by 10 a.m., it made the day seem so much longer!

SO… tonight’s the night!  I am going to be using some of my farmers market haul in our dinner!  Not exactly sure what it’s going to be, but I CAN tell you it’s going to be FRESH and flavorful and… heavenly.  🙂  *Do I hear angels singing?*

I’ll post the dinner pics tomorrow, so until then…

Cheers, dears!