Whatcha Mean? Sprouted Bean?

by kerryabdow

My name is Kathy and I went to Costco yesterday.

I did.  My sweet papa came down from Fort Collins and we went to breakfast and then did a little shopping.  I don’t shop at Costco often, and I never buy a lot…  I’ll stock up on things like – rice milk for Husband, 505 Green Chile (yeeeeehaw!), bubbly water, paper products… stuff like that.  But yesterday I found something intriguing!  Dehydrated sprouted beans!

Huh???  Why would you dry sprouted beans?  Doesn’t that negate all the nutritional benefit?  I HAD to check it out!  And… after googling until my fingers were numb, I still don’t know!!  Does anyone out there have an answer?  Please advise!

Regardless… even though I don’t have the nutritional answer, I know beans are both yummy and good for us, so let’s eat!  I needed another quick and delicious meal last night, and I decided to make burritos with my fun new beans.  *See what happens when you live in Colorado?!  Burritos and tacos and enchiladas, oh my!  We LOVE it all!*

I went to Whole Foods to get veggies and my favorite Rudi’s sprouted spelt tortillas.  I’ve talked about them before, but I will just tell you again that they are amazing!  I love the taste and the texture!

I cooked up the bean trio – adzuki, mung and lentils – in a bath of one cup water and two cups veggie broth.  The package says to cook them for 15 minutes, but I went about 20.  They were still a little crunchy, but very, very delicious!  For some additional texture, I busted out a can of organic black beans.  Can only make it all more yum, right?  I decided to add fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and steamed zucchini…

… and I used my favorite Daiya pepperjack shreds.  Of course!

With everything prepped, it was time to assemble.  First comes love, then comes marriage… Oh, wait… I mean… First comes tortilla, then comes Daiya… warmed up in a non-stick skillet…

… then come the sprouted beans, and then come the black beans…

… and then comes the green chile…

… and then comes the baby in the baby carriage!  *aka “fixin’s*

You can decide how much to stuff in your spelt tortilla, and make it either a jumbo taco or a burrito.  It’s a win-win, right?  Right!  I love choices.  🙂

Well, it’s time for me to make like a burrito and wrap it up, people!  See you next time!  Hope you’re having a fantabulous day!

Cheers, Dears!