Greeeeeeeeeeeen Acres Is The Place To Be!

by kerryabdow

Farrrrrrrrrrrrm livin’ is the life for me!

Well… it’s the life for me IF it’s a four-minute drive from my house… 🙂

Here’s the story:  I live in a suburb that is just outside of Denver.  It only takes us about ten minutes to drive to the heart of downtown, so we are super close to the chaos but not in the middle of it.  Because we live in Colorado, we’re almost always in our cars when going to and fro work, etc..  On many, MANY of my commuting journeys I would see a sign for fresh eggs.  For like ten years.  The last time I saw it, Husband was driving, so I got a chance to write that number down!  Score!  And last Friday I called that number to see if Friend and I could pop over to buy some of those fresh eggs, and… it was a GO!  So off we went.

Literally just over a half mile from Chez Welsh, this house is about 50 feet from Sixth Avenue – a major highway here.  Friend and I were very curious – and a little concerned – about how much actual range the chickens could possibly have so close to the deafening roar of 6th.  But… oh my… Green Acres!  Over an acre of lush green grass!  Happy chickens indeed!  Check out this little guy!

They have a giant chicken coop, too, but most of the birds are just strutting around, lovin’ life!

Here are the chickens taking a bath!  Apparently chickens hate water, so they clean themselves off in the dirt!  Learn somethin’ new every day.

If you look really carefully at this picture, you can see the gorrrrrrrrgeous chickens hiding from us in the bushes.  Couldn’t get close enough for a good pic, but… it’s the chicken version of “Where’s Waldo?”…!

Just past Chicken Heaven, we spotted the owner of the property, Rebecca.  And, yes… of course we’ve nicknamed the place Sunnybrook Farm!

She walked over to greet us and offered to take us on a little tour of her THREE properties!   Right there off the highway, in the middle of Lakewood!  She and her husband have lived there for about 15 years and have collected three houses and almost two acres of land.  It’s SO beautiful!  Amazing!

A creek separates the front and back properties, so we trampled over a rickety bridge and got to visit her horses!  I LOVE horses!!   And this guy is suuuuuuuper lovey!

I wish I could remember his name!  He is named after her grandfather… Vance?  Herbert?  I forget.  But look at that handsome boy!

And here is Rebecca with another of her sweet boys…  That horse loves his mama!

After our wonderful tour, we walked over to pick up the eggs, bid our new friend, Rebecca, farewell, and be on our merry way.  Can you believe how beautiful they are??  Oh.  Emm.  Gee.

We trusted that our eggs were going to taste amazing, but Friend and I decided to do a little blind taste test on Saturday.  Just for fun.  I know… we’re huge geeks.

We tested one fresh egg versus an egg from the basic Whole Foods brand.  No, we didn’t have a crappy WalMart egg.  This would have to do.  Whole Foods white, fresh brown.

Friend was the cooker-upper and I was the tastererer.  Uh huh, I DID get the better deal.

The first freshness test was how much the albumen would spread in the pan…  Can you guess which one is the freshy?

Si.  Numero dos.  The yolks both looked really bright, though, right?!  Friend did a quick scramble and used no seasoning.  She marked the plates and I didn’t know which was which.  Promise!

So I tasted Egg A.  And it tasted fresh.  And I tasted Egg B.  And IT tasted fresh!  I had to go back and take a couple bites of each and finally decided that Egg A had a little more flavor than B.  You’re right, I chose the fresh egg.  Eggzactly what you expected, right?  I have to give Whole Foods props, though, because their egg didn’t suck.  At all.

In celebration, we cooked up three eggs for real consumption and they were sooooooooooooooo delicious… *sigh*  Creamy, buttery, silky… *sigh again*

Now THAT is what I call “Farm to Table”!  Love it!  I highly encourage you to at least stop the next time you see a fresh egg sign.  You never know what adventures may lie ahead…!  Eggciting adventures!  *Come on, I had to say it…

Have a happy Tuesday, y’all!  Going to the Boulder Farmers’ Market on Saturday, and will have all kinds of fun stuff to share!  Until then…

Cheers, Dears!