Tricks Are For Kids!

by kerryabdow

I’m a parent.  Yes I am.  My kids each have four legs…

… but, just like the other kind of kids, they love to run and play!  They eat out of bowls, require lots of love, AND need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

My friends who have the two-legged version really have to struggle sometimes to get their munchkins to eat enough healthy and green foods.  There are tricks like putting shredded carrots in meatballs and taco meat or making smiley faces on plates with crudite and hummus… and some kids actually love green smoothies!

*Those are my favorite kinds of kids!*  And, of course, you can supplement their diet.  From what my experts tell me, it’s best to take nutritional products that are whole-foods-based.  If you’d like some info on the product that I take and love, send me an email!  ( AND I will tell you how you can get yummy and healthy nutritional products for your kids, too… for FREE!!  YES!  FREE!  Hit me up.

Well, speaking of healthy kids, my friends and I went to a super fun event on Friday at Edison Elementary in the Highland neighborhood here in Denver!  It was a health fair totally organized and run by The Green Team students and their Green Team parent volunteers!  So cute, right?!  This group of kids initiated recycling and composting for the school cafeteria, among other amazing programs.  I love this school!

Back to the health fair… They had about a dozen vendors/activity areas, including yoga…

… and a gardening demo.  “What are you guys looking for?”  “Worms!”  🙂

And they even had food trucks parked on the street…

… YUMMMMMM!  My friends had a burger from Harvest Food

… that they said was amaaaaazing.  Harvest uses organic Niman Ranch beef, and organic veggies.  Looks good, right?  But I had the most incredible vegetarian rice bowl made by Manna From Heaven!  *sigh*

Oh.  Emm.  Gee.  Soooooooooooooo delicious!!!  And a lot of food!  Makes me happy to just think about it…!

I spent some time speaking with Larry, one of the Manna owners.  He told me that his young KIDS actually own the truck!  Isn’t that so cool?  They told him they wanted to open a restaurant, he told them to write a business plan and… voila!  Here comes Manna!  It was even voted Best Food Truck in 2012 by Westword.  More Kid Power!!

Our newest favorite adult kid, Christopher from Aiko Pops, was at the event, too.  Of course!

We had to finish our dinner with popsicles from The Smooth Poperator, right?!  This is our new friend, Julianne, loveloveloving her popsicle!

My friends and I shared three – cucumber/sesame, coconut/nutella, and berry mojito.  Uh huh.  I’ll have to say it again…  Amaaaaaaazing!  And the perfect healthy way to end a trip to a health fair!

Well, it’s a sunny Sunday in Denver AND… Hey!  It’s Earth Day!  Happy Earth Day!  The first thing I’m going to do to celebrate is walk the earth with the husband and kids.  What are YOU doing to celebrate?  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy!  See ya soon!

Cheers, Dears!