Brain Food? Yeah, Dude!

by kerryabdow

HapHapHappy Thursday, y’all!!  It’s almost the weekend! Whoooooohooooooooo!  My ol’ brain gets soooo fatigued by the end of the work week… does yours??  I’ve been thinking about that situation lately, and it has inspired me to do a little investigative research into what all of us can do to support our beloved noggins.

Sooooo… Let’s talk about brains, baby!  *Cue Salt ‘N’ Pepa*

Let’s talk about brains, baby!  Let’s talk about you and me!  Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad we do and eat… let’s talk about brains!

Are you singing?  Me, too!  Anyway…

I’ve talked a lot about how integrating more plant-based foods into your diet helps body and spirit, but I haven’t really discussed how food impacts our brains.  I was just thinking – with my brain! – about that the other day, so I reached out for help.  I discovered that by paying a little extra attention to adding a few different foods into our diets and doing a few different activities, we can really improve the health of our brains!

I contacted Mark Costello, a fantastic Denver-based acupuncturist who also happens to be an old friend of mine, for some scoop.  Mark is one of those rare holistic practitioners who has a wealth of knowledge and extreme passion, but can truly relate to anyone and everyone.  He takes the “woo woo” out of acupuncture and makes it understandable.  Love.  When I asked him what we can do to for brain health, he said this:

“Keeping the brain young and healthy is a multi-elemental pursuit. Here are some of the highlights: Fish oil, balancing the blood sugar, cardiovascular exercise, constant learning, and reducing inflammation.”  He also recommended doing things that require hand-eye coordination (like tennis or playing the piano), and balance (like yoga).

Mark is a wealth of information, so if you live in Denver you should RUN to him!  And if you don’t… you should move to Denver!  Heeheeeee.  Or you could email him.  🙂

One thing I read long ago is that a little quinoa a day keeps the migraines away!  I don’t suffer from that brain pain – thankfully – but I loves me some quinoa!  And I loves to bring me some quinoa to the office for lunch!  It’s totally satisfying and keeps me feeling sharp and energized!

I cook the quinoa and chop my veggies the night before… and transport everything separately so it’s super fresh!

Takes just a minute to assemble and… voila!  Five out of five yums!!

Add whatever you like!  For this rendition, I used black beans, tomatoes, some red onion, lettuce and avocado.  Avocado… mmmmm… *sigh*

I also bring a bag of healthy snacks so I won’t be tempted by vending machine fare!

There’s ye ol’ crudite…

And pumpkin seeds!

I like to have a balance of textures and flavors, and want a little good fat in there for a slow burn!

There is SO much more to talk about, let’s continue this on Tuesday, shall we?  Is there something that you do to take care of your brain?  Let me know!  Post a comment, or email me at  Share the wealth!

In the meantime… have a great weekend!  Get in some cardio, do some yoga, eat some quinoa…  and SING!

Cheers, Dears!