Happy Fat Tuesday!

by kerryabdow

Show us your… ummm… uhhh… your… your big… your big happy smile!  Yeah!

It’s been a while since I’ve actually “really” celebrated Fat Tuesday, with parades of serious cocktails and spicy southern treats and… King Cake!  Of course after Fat Tuesday some of us believed that we should repent for our (many, many) sins – and be very gastronomically chaste… at least for the next 40 days.  Kinda reminds me of one of the hundreds of diets I was on throughout my life!  And I never even got any beads.  Sheesh.  It was just – eat, feel guilty, starve myself, feel horrible, eat even more, rinse and repeat.  Sound familiar?  Right.

Well, I thought instead of “suppressing bad habits” starting tomorrow, it would be the perfect time to start cultivating good ones!   I’m not talking big, massive, life-altering changes, just little tiny sneaky ones that add up to being big, massive, life-altering changes… fun!  Here is a short list of some of the little things that I started doing a couple of years ago that added up.  Really added up!

1.  Eat a nutritious breakfast every day.  Key word – nutritious.  I love to eat my oatmeal!  Or have a green smoothie!  OR go to my favorite Denver veggie restaurant – Watercourse.  Yummmmm!   I have learned that the better my breakfast, the better my day.  Keep it nutrient-dense, high in fiber and low in fat and you will be as golden as an Oscar statue.

2.  Take green food capsules.  I know, I know… “I already take supplements!”   Well, this is food.  Real food.  Real food that is bioavailable – i.e. your body absorbs it quickly – and suuuuuuuper convenient.  The best part is, if you’re forgetful, just keep a bottle at your desk or in your purse…  You’ll never hear “Eat your vegetables!” ringing in your head ever again!

3.  Eat your vegetables!   (Oops.  Heeheee.)  Adding one plant-based side dish to one meal a day is a SUPER easy way to get your green on!  There are a ton of recipes out there that are easy-to-follow, convenient, and cost-effective.  And don’t forget my friend, Taryn’s, virtual cooking and meal-planning classes!  FUN!  Anyway… start by adding even just one dish once a week and see what happens!

4.  Move your body!  Walk!  Run!  Jump!  Do anything to get your heart rate up for even just a few minutes every single day.  Don’t go all nutso and spend every waking moment squeezing your ThighMaster to death, actually go for a walk!  With the dogs or the husband or the friends or… the enemies!  Breathe the air, feel the earth, look at the sky!  You know what?  Nike had it figured out… just do it!

Well, I hope you had a sinfully super Fat Tuesday and that you’ll share with me some of your sneaky health tips!  Come on!  Show us your tips!  😉

Until Friday… Cheers, dears!