Breakfast Burritos IN ACTION!

by kerryabdow

Contrary to popular belief (and Chipotle’s excellent marketing), you DON’T have to leave burrito rolling to the professionals, it just requires the proper placement of ingredients and a little technique.  So, using the vegan recipe I posted last night, I will play hand model and show you the super-easy 1-2-3 method.  Here we go, yo!

Step One:  Put a hole in the box.  OH.  Wait… wrong steps!


Step One:  Put the ingredients in the center of the tortilla. *I feel another sing-along coming on…

Step Two:  Caaaarefully roll in the sides…

Step Three:  Then roll up the bottom…

Step Four:  Flip it and garnish it!  And, if you like, you can put it in a box.

Looks like Pinky wants some!

Hope you are all having a faaaaaaaantabulous Saturday!  The husband and I just walked the dogs and are now off to the movies.  Love a free day!  Enjoy yours!

Cheers, dears!